Smackdown: Liv Morgan returned to the ring


Smackdown: Liv Morgan returned to the ring

This week on Smackdown: Maximum Male Models is in the ring! Max Duprì takes the floor, but ... HE IS IMMEDIATELY INTERRUPTED BY THE HIT ROW! Max does not take it well and says that the two newly arrived men are definitely not suitable for his agency, especially Top Dolla.

In response, Ashante Adonis hits mån.sôör with a dropkick, while Dolla throws ma.çé out of the square, and then the three start with a rap that announces their return. - Promo of Karrion Kross and Scarlett who, once again, only take it out on Drew McIntyre and focus on the fact that he was the Chosen One, but has now been chosen as the next victim of the former NXT Champion.

- Backstage Sami Zayn stands in front of Roman Reigns' dressing room and a security guy finally tells him that the Tribal Chief wants to see him. Sami enters and is greeted by Roman, who begins to remember everything he did to defend the Bloodline, calling The Usos ungrateful.

Sami fears he has condemned himself, but Roman unexpectedly agrees, promising that he will talk to his cousins. What? Zayn's face says it all. Just at that moment Jey calls Roman and the Chieftain tells the Canadian to answer, but apparently, his twin doesn't take it very well and yells at him, then disconnects.

Liv Morgan returned to the ring.

Smackdown: Liv Morgan is back

WWE has built Liv Morgan as an underdog babyface for a long time. Meanwhile. Sami tells Roman what happened and he once again seems to like it all, saying that she will cheer for him on Smackdown this week, then asking about Kevin Owens.

Jealous, Roman? The audience goes crazy, but Sami doesn't seem to have much to say about his former friend and doesn't know anything about his plans. The two take their leave with Reigns wishing the Canadian good luck. Gorgeous segment.

- Intercontinental Contendership match: Sheamus vs Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss vs Ricochet vs Sami Zayn. My cheering is all for the Irishman and seeing him imitate the Imperium pose in a moment of absolute domination thrills me a lot, but to make the audience sing is a very enthusiastic Zayn, who comes out with a possible injury and then returns among choirs of appreciation.

In this clash between me and the American public, however, for once, WWE chooses to be on the right side. Corbin gets rid of Zayn and goes back to the ring, where he takes it out on Ricochet, but .... SHEAMUS'S BROGUE KICK FROM NOTHING!

Pin on Happy ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! In Clash At The Castle, we will have Gunther vs Sheamus.

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