Smackdown: Roman Reigns struggled a lot

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Smackdown: Roman Reigns struggled a lot

Liv Morgan vs Shotzi. Luckily the champion manages to win with her Oblivion, but after the match ... Shayna Baszler ATTACKS HER! Mashed potato? Shayna knocks out Morgan and then threatens to break her arm, but she "only" kicks her in her face, promising that she will finish the job in Cardiff.

Michael Cole saying "Liv is a great champion" right now, honestly, it makes me laugh. Tick ​​tock: the final confrontation. - Backstage Roman Reigns and Drew Mcintyre seem ready for confrontation, but the Scotsman takes his jacket and finds Karrion Kross's hourglass inside.

- Roman Reigns reaches the ring! The Tribal Chief passes the microphone and who knows how tonight's promo will begin.' ' Montreal, ACKNOWLEDGE ME! "It's a meme now. Reigns goes on to say that Drew McIntyre is convinced that he has carried the company on his back, but the reality is that only he can afford to say that because he is the real Chieftain.

Roman Reigns is in trouble

HERE IS DREW! The Scotsman is not long in coming and arrives, I want to clarify, without a sword. The Scotsman says Roman Reigns doesn't deserve to be champion because he says he's in "God mode", but he's just a man who fears losing everything at the Cardiff event.

McIntyre seeks a fight and Roman pleases him ... THE FIGHT STARTS! Drew starts well and goes for the Claymore, but ayn comes in at the last and takes the finisher instead of the leader of the Bloodline. Reigns takes advantage and goes for Superman Punch, but McIntyre avoids ...

CLAYMORE TO SIGN! The segment ends with the Chief Tribe on the ground in pain and the Scotsman cheering with his belts. Will we see the same in Clash At The Castle? Former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez recently spoke about Roman Reigns being the biggest star in the business right now.

"I'll be honest, at the time I knew he was gonna be something because he looked great. I mean, it is what it is, you know, the family that he comes from. So he has a natural ability. Did I think to me, he was the top dog and no pun intended, the top guy in WWE? I probably didn't believe. I didn't know," Ricardo said.

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