Shane Thorne: "Who says in a year or two that we don’t get sick of.."

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Shane Thorne: "Who says in a year or two that we don’t get sick of.."

Hardly a day goes by without a rumor about Triple H and his WWE ideas. Triple H now has a lot of responsibility, being the key person within the organization. What fans are interested in are the changes Triple H will bring and whether it will really be something spectacular.

There are optimists and pessimists. However, given the experience that Triple H has, we expect him to do great things. Shane Thorne, a former WWE star, spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about Triple H's potential innovations and the fans' reaction to them.

Thorne believes that the fans will be the best to say whether the changes are positive. “I don’t know, we’ll see [about changing fan reaction]. Because Raw and SmackDown used to be different but it is a burnout process.

It depends on how long they can keep it up for. Who says in a year or two that we don’t get sick of this formula and people say ‘it’s too much change, I can’t keep up with it.’ People are fickle, as they say.

It is good though. I hear good things. I don’t watch it, but I see things on the internet and it looks like there is good buzz [surrounding the product]”. - he said, as quoted by

Shane Thorne on his departure

Thorne surprised many with his departure from WWE.

However, it seems that Thorne thought about it for a long time and that his big wish was to leave the strongest wrestling organization. Thorne is now committed to other things and clearly has some plans in mind. “Pretty relieved [after his WWE release].

I thought it was coming for like three years. I was on everybody’s future endeavored wish list. Every single time there were releases people were like ‘I’m pretty sure Shane Thorne got released too.’”

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