Jungle Boy on winning the tag team title: I kind of didn’t like the way it happened

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Jungle Boy on winning the tag team title: I kind of didn’t like the way it happened

Jungle Boy spoke to the metro about many topics, one of which was the Aew tag team title run with Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy considers it a great experience even though there were situations that went wrong. “Winning the tag team belts was really cool.

I kind of didn’t like the way it happened, exactly, there was some stuff that went wrong at the end. Fenix got hurt, which is never nice, and there were some hijinx going on that I didn’t fully love. Still, to win the tag team belts in the best wrestling company in the world with my best friend was a really special experience”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania. The last tag match did not cause him positive emotions. He also spoke about The Young Bucks and had only words of praise for them “The last tag match we had, we ended up losing it and Christian ended up smashing my head with a chair right after, which wasn’t great, but the match before it, the ladder match with the Young Bucks, they are probably my favorite tag team to watch, they are amazing."

Jungle Boy: They were my idols

He is happy that they managed to create such status and become a great team.

Their greatest honor is that they found themselves in the ring with idols. "We felt it was one of the best matches we ever had. It was really cool, after everything we had been through, to go out there with people we had watched and idolized, who were like mentors to us, to go out there and have this amazing match.

What happened after has taken over, but we’ll always have that match. We came from, not even being a team, to being one of the top teams in the company. It’s been a cool ride,” Jungle Boy said.