WWE Hall of Famer on working with Shane McMahon

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WWE Hall of Famer on working with Shane McMahon

During the last edition of the Royal Rumble aired at the end of January, there were some problems in terms of writing and managing the booking team, when Shane McMahon decided to take over the creative phase of the male Rumble, going to modify important steps of the dispute desired by his father, in which he became the absolute protagonist of the match.

After sending all the insiders into a rage, Vince Mcmahon was forced to oust his son from the management and booking of the match, sending him directly home and apparently ousting him from the important plans that the WWE patron's son also had for Wrestlemania, with his name that hasn't even appeared in the Showcase of the Immortals rings since that point.

In the weeks following these events, we read online the most disparate news about this affair, with the latest updates that had also revealed what could have been in the end the replacement that replaced the name of Shane at the top of the card of the show of the shows and that was that of Seth Rollins, eventually included in a match with the returning Cody Rhodes.

Sean Waltman on working with Shane McMahon

In his latest interview on Wrestling Then And Now, WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac in the WWE rings, wanted to talk about what it was like to work with the former WWE Chairman's eldest son in the rings.

of the company, saying: "It was nice. It wasn't easy at all, but it's great to work with him. He's like - there's a lot of energy there but he also had a lot of ideas, a lot of good ideas. So I loved working with him; plus there was also a lot of attention in that match, or in all matches with him inside, more than I realized at the time.

I am very grateful for all this in hindsight. "Despite the difficulties, therefore, Sean remembers with great pleasure his work with the WWE Chairman's son, who taught him a lot about the square, even though he was never considered a" real own wrestler." Vince Russo has opened up about his conversation with Shane McMahon from a few years back, which revolved around the former writer's WWE exit.

"I talked to Shane McMahon just a couple of years ago, and I literally said, 'Shane, do you know why I left?' He goes, 'Yeah, Vince told me WCW offered you more money.' And I said, 'Well, Vince is full of cr*p, Shane.' Here is why I left, and I told Shane what happened."

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