New details on Charlotte Flair's future

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New details on Charlotte Flair's future

The last time we saw Charlotte Flair in a WWE ring was when she faced Ronda Rousey, her natural enemy, in an "I Quit Match" at WrestleMania Backlash, losing. The company then announced that she would be out of her for an indefinite period of time due to an injury to her arm, which was obviously in the storyline as an excuse to give her time to marry Andrade El Idolo in late May.

The wrestler, however, unlike her husband, has not yet returned to the ring, with WWE probably waiting to have the right storyline where they can insert it to get her back in a senseless way.

The latest news on Charlotte Flair

Interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin in his Broken Skull Sessions, Charlotte Flair talked about this hiatus period and its eventual return, saying, "The problem with me is that I always want to be on top.

I never feel like slowing down and if somebody didn't tell me to slow down and appreciate the things around me I just wish I was constantly at work cause I didn't find myself or find who I was and all these things until I started working since 2012 that's why I am here Ups and downs I wish Backlash had been my Mania match Things happen, whatever, but I let myself be on top.

I'm still looking for the next big feud, I'm still looking for the next big match. You have Rhea (Ripley) who probably wants to beat me. Bianca (Belair), Liv (Morgan). There is so much for me to be excited about. The problem is, for me, I could just go on.

I always want to be better and sometimes being a perfectionist can ... Mania, I wanted it to be too perfect and when I got to Backlash, I thought: 'Do your little thing' That's why it became like this ... this is my opinion, I want to come back with a different layer.

I came back after I lost Mania with The Opportunity last year, I just changed my clothes, I want my body to be more beautiful, I got fit, I changed my hair a little, what is the next layer? I can tell you I'm not going to be a good girl [laughs].

What does it look like? Am I darker? At the same time, I'm like, 'Don't fix something that's not broken,' but you always have to evolve somehow, and what does this thing look like?" WWE star Charlotte Flair thought that her first feud with Ronda Rousey didn't have any build or story.

"So, three things were going through my mind: We have no build, we have no story, and yes, she was my dream opponent. And I was about to lose my 'Mania spot because of, like, you have a promoted match, you put your next best player. So how do I go out there and remind people, 'I'm not sitting at home and letting someone take my spot."