Kevin Nash on the beginnings of his friendship with Triple H

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Kevin Nash on the beginnings of his friendship with Triple H

Ever since he became the head of WWE, Triple H has become the main topic of the wrestling scene. Even though he was extremely popular even before that, the new role will definitely carry greater responsibility and thus greater popularity.

Speaking to the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash talked about his friendship with Triple H, and how their friendship started. “We would always watch the WCW Saturday show and he was Terra Ryzing at the time,” Nash said, as quoted by “That was his character and he was our favorite guy.

Like he was like the Kliq’s favorite guy”. Nash also recalled the Triple H match in which he excelled and showed that he is a great talent. “Killer Kowalski had broken Paul in so Kowalski brought Paul to TV (in WWE).

So then he had his tryout match, and of course, it was a fu*king monitor sell-out. He did really well”.

Triple H and Kowalski

Triple H has shown loyalty through his actions. Kevin Nash emphasized that Triple H belongs to the old school.

“We tried to get him to immediately travel with us, but he said he was with Kowalski. I said, ‘Ok, well next set of TVs, you’re with us.’ He was anointed before he got in because he was Terra Ryzing and then he went out there and tore it up,” he said.

“He worked like the rest of us, plus the fact that he wouldn’t leave Kowalski, you know, like, ‘I came with Walter, I’m going to stay with Walter.’ It’s a little bit old school that we all appreciate”.

Triple H now has big challenges ahead of him and has become the main face of the wrestling scene. We will see how he manages in his new role and whether he can do the same things as Vince Mcmahon.

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