Sheamus makes an important promise

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Sheamus makes an important promise

In the August 19 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Sheamus managed to win a titled opportunity against Gunther for his WWE Intercontinental Championship, defeating Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss, and Sami Zayn and Ricochet. In fact, the Irishman will attempt the assault on the Ring General belt at the premium live event Clash At The Castle which will take place in Wales, then in the United Kingdom, where he is practically his home.

During the Smackdown LowDown show, Sheamus made a promise to everyone, especially his opponent: "It's the only title I haven't won, right? That's what you're going to say, right? Because it's not a secret, right? screamed from the rooftops for the past couple of years.

In my time here in WWE the only title that has escaped me so far is the Intercontinental Championship. I did everything I could to get in his way. But every time I was screwed, every time it eluded me, until tonight here in Montreal where I survived and won a Fatal 5-Way Match to take on Gunther at Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales, which is a stone's throw away.

from the city I grew up in," Sheamus said.

Sheamus is a WWE veteran

Then he also added, “It writes itself, man, doesn't it? To take what someone told me earlier: 'When something has to happen, it will happen.' Now we are weeks away from opportunity, that moment is becoming reality.

Because Gunther, I'm promising you now, you might think you have all the cards in your hand, that being the champion puts you first. Well, I tell you, man, in Cardiff, Wales, Clash At The Castle, you, I will drag into the belly of the Red Dragon.

I will defeat you for the Intercontinental Championship, and not just to become a Grand Slam Champion. No, man, you will be involved in history, in WWE history, when I become the first Ultimate Grand Slam Champion." Recently, former WWE Champion Sheamus has revealed a part of his entrance that Vince McMahon hated when speaking with Daily DDT.

“When I came back I really wanted to bring that song [Written In My Face] back, but it was shot down. Vince hates it, some other people didn’t like it or didn’t agree, but it’s very nostalgic. I haven’t given up on it.

I guarantee you I will get that song back, I just don’t know when, and nobody is going to know when, but I will get a chance to bring it back." he said.

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