Brian Gewirtz on Stephanie McMahon's question to him!

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Brian Gewirtz on Stephanie McMahon's question to him!

Former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz spoke to Wrestling Inc. and he talked about working with Triple H while he was still a wrestler. "My relationship with Hunter got much much better as the years went by," Gewirtz said. "I think there was a level of mutual respect and then Triple H looking up going, 'That guy's still here? Guess there must be something going on correct with him.'

When I first started I was admittedly intimidated by him. I didn't work with him that much, in fact as far as I knew, no writer was assigned to him, he would always go off and do his thing. Meanwhile, I was working with people who were constantly insulting his character.

He was the heel, I was working with the baby faces and it was like one of those deals where I always assumed Triple H – he's got it because he does his own thing."

Stephanie McMahon and her question to Brian Gewirtz

Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon came over one day and asked Brian Gewirtz a question.

"I think Stephanie had a talk with me once which was like, 'How come you never work with Triple H? He sees you working with all these guys, you've never once approached him and asked if he wanted to work with you?' I was like, 'Oh, I just assumed he wanted to do his own thing.'

That's on me, that's my nervousness, and my, like, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it,' but over the years you can't help but then work with someone. I got to work with Triple H, not write out word-for-word promos, but at least work with him and craft the long-term storyline of Evolution and Batista and the slow turn which I thought worked super well and then, later on, being able to work with him especially as he was taking a step back.

It's always difficult when you're in production meetings and part of the creative process but also a character on the show. No matter how much you say me and the character are different, it always rears its head. It can't not. It's human nature. It evolves with evolution."

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