Magnum TA comments on Ric Flair's last match

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Magnum TA comments on Ric Flair's last match

Ric Flair played the last match of his legendary career on July 31, 2022, in Nashville. The 16-time world champion teamed up with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to face Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett. The first two took home the victory, but there were some moments of apprehension during the contest.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer admitted that he passed out a couple of times due to dehydration. The 'Nature Boy' is unanimously recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, if not the best ever. In 2012, he became the first performer in history to be inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame, both individually and as a member of the 'Four Horsemen'

As if that weren't enough, Ric was able to complete the Triple Crown in both WCW and WWE. In an interview with Bill Apter, the NWA Magnum TA legend revealed why Flair returned to the ring at the age of 73.

Magnum TA opens up on Ric Flair

“The match on July 31st in Nashville represented a sort of closing of the circle for Ric Flair” - explained Magnum TA.

“After nearly dying a couple of years ago, he felt he still had some unfinished business. He wanted to prove something to himself and thank the fans for supporting him so warmly. He trained hard every day and managed to get into the ring at 73.

Hat off” - he added. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell also commented on the subject: “I think Ric Flair should stop now. Regardless of what he says, I'm not so sure that July 31st was really his last match of him.

There may be others in the future. If someone offers him a lot of money, he won't mind getting back into the ring. I think he wants to die on the square because that's where he spent most of his time”. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T wasn't pleased to see Ric Flair fake a heart attack during his farewell match.

"It wasn't, you know what, man, that wasn't a great moment. That wasn't the greatest moment in the world. A man faking a heart attack to poke somebody in the eye. I get it, it was a good spot but a lot of people in that damn arena perhaps were scared as hell.

That's just like me getting in a wheelchair and walking, somebody wheeling me around and parking in a handicapped spot. You don't do that kind of stuff," said Booker T.