Paul Roma Comments on Vince McMahon Leaving WWE


Paul Roma Comments on Vince McMahon Leaving WWE

Paul Roma recently spoke about whether Vince McMahon has truly left the company. Paul is a former WWE superstar. He started working for the WWE in 1984. And then he left the company in 1991. He was known for being an active member of The Young Stallions, and Power and Glory.

Vince McMahon announced his retirement on Twitter last month. He was the CEO, Chairman and the Head of Creative at WWE. This happened after the WWE board launched an investigation on him. The allegation was that Vince McMahon paid hush money to a number of different former WWE female employees for speaking against him.

According to the allegations, Vince McMahon was involved in harassment and abuse.

Paul Roma Believes that Vince McMahon is Truly Done

On the Cheat Head Productions Podcast, Paul stated that he might actually be done. Many people think that Vince McMahon is still controlling the WWE to some degree, as many people believe that Vince McMahon can’t truly let go of the WWE.

Paul thinks that he has just left the company for a while and may return. "I think he may have some say, as far as tableside talk with Triple H – with Hunter and his daughter [Stephanie McMahon]," Roma told "Cheap Heat Productions Podcast." "Is he out of it [WWE]? I think maybe now this time, maybe he is.

Look, Hunter can run the company, him and Stephanie. Hunter knows what he's doing. I don't know who's writing the angles for NXT, maybe it was him and Shawn [Michaels], but they did a great job. They did a really great job." After Vince McMahon retired, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon took over the company as co-CEO, with Nick Khan.

Triple H is currently the head of creative at the WWE. According to many people, WWE will be a better product under Triple H, as many people liked NXT while it was being run by Triple H. Eventually, even Vince McMahon took over NXT.

Vince McMahon started working as the Head of Creative back in the 1980s. Before Vince retired John Laurinaitis was the EVP of Talent Relations. He was recently fired from his position because there were allegations against him as well.

Whether or not the WWE will be a better product and completely crush their current competition, AEW, is yet to be seen. For now, WWE hasn’t seen any major rating boost, even though subtle changes can be seen in the production.

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