Paul Roma: Hulk Hogan can't wrestle

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Paul Roma: Hulk Hogan can't wrestle

Hulk Hogan is the greatest legend of WWE and the man who marked an era of this organization. He became and remained the idol of many generations. Many have already decided on wrestling because of Hulk Hogan. Paul Roma is one of those who respect Hogan as a showman but feels that his wrestling skills were not good enough.

"He can't wrestle," Roma said for "Cheap Heat Productions Podcast." as quoted by Wrestling Inc. "All joking aside, he can't wrestle. He was a great showman, they put a lot of money behind him and they made it work, right?" In some moments, Roma did not choose his words when mentioning Hulk Hogan.

"Hogan started believing his own bullsh*t, you know what I mean? 'Hey, I'm really beating Andre The Giant.' No, you're not. No, you're not. 'Hey guy, hit me with your finish, I'm gonna kick out of it,' of course you are.

You kick out of everybody's finish, that's what you do, but at the end of the day, you're just a punk ass."

Paul Roma on Hulk Hogan

Roma also recalled a moment when WWE stars were in Detroit to spend time with sick children.

After hanging out, some of the boys wanted to spend more time with Hulk Hogan. "They said, 'Hey there's another kid, can you come over here?' to [Hogan], and he's like, 'What the hell? We're not getting paid for this.'

" Roma continued. "So this is all bullsh*t? Say your prayers and take your vitamins?'" Roma said, "And you know what? It's all bullsh*t. So again, there were very few that what they said, they didn't practice what they preached.

Let's just leave it like that." Hulk Hogan left a big mark on the WWE scene, regardless of everything that happened outside of it.