Nick Aldis on the reason why he lost his place in the fight

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Nick Aldis on the reason why he lost his place in the fight

Former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was left disappointed after he was supposed to face NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch. However, Tyrus was later selected for the match against Murdoch. NWA owner Billy Corgan had some interesting accusations and thought that Aldis was involved in politics.

"I just couldn't believe it," Aldis said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. "Here's the thing, I've got nothing against Tyrus. You know that if you want to do that to the audience, that's up to you. What I couldn't understand was the very vague justification.

Like someone needs to explain to me, how, if you own the company, it's yours, and you're – hey we hear it all the time folk, 'It's my money, I pay for it, it's my company, mine, me, me.' How can someone be politicking? Like how has he been the victim of politics? I don't understand that.

When you're ruling with an iron fist, and you make every decision based all the way down to what they have at catering."

Nick Aldis: I've been really careful about how I respond

Nick Aldis was careful how he would answer and emphasized that he is such a person who chooses his words.

"So I've been really careful about how I respond because I'm – like if you just use common sense, you can just see right through it, and there are certain words that people throw around in wrestling that are like nice trigger words.

One of them is politics. So we just throw that word out there hoping that everyone would go, "Yeah, that must be it" because when you see a guy, see a guy that's successful, who's been in the main events and again, more of this is other people saying it not me. I'm very careful not to say a lot of stuff."