Latest news on Big E's status

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Latest news on Big E's status

Former WWE champion Big E spoke about his injury during an interview on Ryan Satin's "Out of Character" podcast. On his state of health: "I am allowed to live a normal life but I cannot go back to fighting and taking blows because the nature of what we do is very physical.

It involves your neck and spine and I would like to keep them as intact as possible. So for me right now, the next step is that they want to take a look at it again after a year and get more scans. So we're talking about March next year to see how to go.

It may take even longer, from six to nine months. The good thing is that right now I have no nerve problems. There is no tingling, no weakness. I have been in the gym for two weeks after I broke my neck. They told me that as long as my neck is in the brace, as long as you stay in the brace, you're fine.

So yes, I trained. I feel great."

New details on Big E

Big E revealed that he was in no hurry to get back to fighting: "I started fighting when I was 23, and you know, you think about yourself differently when you are 23.

I had injuries, so I knew my body could crash on me or let me down, but there's still this kind of that feeling of invincibility up to a point. I'm 36, now I'm starting to think about what I want my life to be like at 40, 45, 50.

I don't have to run back. I can just step back and think about life. This is what I think about now more than anything else. This is important to me now." On some veteran wrestlers who still step into the ring: “Sometimes you see some veterans, especially at big events like SummerSlam and WrestleMania and they're still out and about fighting.

Some of them move great and look good. But then you see that some people also suffer a lot physically and I never want to be like one of them. I don't want to need a walker at 50. I have always had and wanted an active life."

When asked what he's been up to since his neck injury, E spoke about how much he's loved doing voice-over work as of late: “I love doing VO [voice over]. I’ve really enjoyed doing VO and have some cool things coming that I can’t really divulge yet, but hopefully in the next few months.

I love doing voice work, I still want to do more of that. I realized, I started wrestling because I love the athletic side of it, and I felt like I had more to offer athletically."