Does WWE still have big plans for Theory?

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Does WWE still have big plans for Theory?

Theory left everyone speechless at Money in the Bank. After relinquishing the US title into the hands of Bobby Lashley, Vince McMahon's protege redeemed himself in the main event by winning the Money in the Bank Ladder match, although it was not initially even planned for the contest.

In addition to proving that he is one of the best talents around, Theory has made it clear that he wants to become the symbol of the WWE and within a few months, will have the chance to become Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at just 24 if he uses the briefcase in the right way.

The current Raw superstar tried to cash in his briefcase already at SummerSlam, the biggest pay-per-view of the summer, where he tried to surprise Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, in the Last Man Standing that he left the fans open-mouthed, but unfortunately it went wrong, with the two who knocked him out with a few well-aimed blows.

Latest update on Theory

Many after Vince McMahon left the scene, wondered if Theory would still have a great future in the WWE rings, given that the athlete was one of the former Chairman's favorite pupils. Apparently, Triple H would also have huge plans for Mr Money in the Bank, with Theory already becoming the absolute star of the company's live events not filmed by the federation's cameras.

In his last speech to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Radio show, the usual Dave Meltzer wanted to say about Theory and his future: "Dolph Ziggler is the right man that they have joined him because going after Ziggler, Theory in all the house shows will be pulled by Ziggler...

The idea is to give Theory an opponent that gives him experience because Theory is still one of the biggest deals WWE is betting on and it seems that Levesque hasn't changed his mind about it either. They like the boy - good stature, good presentation, a great athlete, he just needs some work in the ring."

Vince Russo talked about Theory: "The only way this works, and I'm tellin' you, it wouldn't work because Theory is not over. The only way this works is, I know a couple of times we've seen Theory and Paul E together.

The only way this works is if Theory goes to cash it in, and the only reason he is cashing it in is that he knows Heyman is going to screw Reigns," Vince Russo stated.