Raw: Finn Balor scored an important win

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Raw: Finn Balor scored an important win

Welcome back to Raw, which returns to visit good old Canada and a lot inevitably centers around Edge. However, we expect further important news, given that the Triple H WWE now produces four or five a week. - Immediately we start with the backstage fist fight: not even the time to connect that the cameras catch Seth Rollins and Riddle beating each other without restraint behind the scenes.

We overtake their look, with the Bro looking like he just came out of a suburban swimming pool and Seth from a neighborhood in Amsterdam where we wouldn't feel like going without a couple of police patrols. In any case, referees, managers, coaches, businessmen, midgets, dancers and various deranged people try to divide them.

But since we know very well how these things work, no one succeeds in the mission. So the two enter the arena, arrive on the stage, then in the audience and in the end, it is Riddle who gets the better of rolling from the balustrade on Rollins and a series of characters of dubious usefulness.

And then nothing, they manage to divide them because now the spot has been there. So that's okay. Dolph Ziggler was being interviewed backstage on WWE RAW when Finn Balor interrupted him.

Raw: Finn Balor def. Dolph Ziggler

Finn Balor started h*t and pushed Dolph Ziggler around with ease.

- TRISH STRATUS SHOWS ON THE RING! Here it is another Canadian luxury that peeps again on Raw! Welcomed by the great love of the public, the multiple champion declares herself very happy to be back home (meaning both Toronto and Raw).

While she is continuing her speech ... BAYLEY, DAKOTA KAI AND IYO SKY ARRIVE !!! It is Bayley who asks her the reason for her return, and she explains that Trish has introduced herself to support her fellow citizen Edge. Dakota Kai retorts that no one cares about her.

Oh, you asked for it huh? An annoyed Bayley asks Trish (still a legend) to step aside being the past, while the present is theirs ... BUT BIANCA BELAIR COMES! A sugary moment in which the newcomer explains to the bad girl that none of them would be there without Trish's monumental work and so on.

Bayley, however, does not give up, beautiful Patriziona begins to throw the seed of doubt that her retirement is not exactly retreat-retreat-retreat, when then Asuka and Alexa Bliss also show up, the bad ones go from 3-2 to 3-4 and decide to raise the curtains. Bad and bad to the rescue on Monday Night Raw.