Raw: Kevin Owens put on a show

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Raw: Kevin Owens put on a show

Open Challenge Single Match: Chad Gable vs Kevin Owens Maybe in Toronto they would have expected real squash, but that's not the case. In reality KO starts dominating as expected, but after avoiding a Cannonball the good Chad recovers and the matter becomes more balanced than expected.

He also offers us a sample of his excellent German Suplex, and also gives himself the count of two after a Headbutt from the third string. After a fist fight on the stake, Owens prevails, SUPERPLEX AND SWANTON BOMB ... NOTHING!

Gable defends himself by raising his knees, MOONSAULT! AVOIDED! Kev understands that the moment is right, SUPERKICK AND POP-UP POWERBOMB! 1, 2, 3, victory for the home favorite. BUT IT IS NOT OVER YET! Otis attacks Owens who seems to have the worst of it.

Oh well yes, we believe it: after a few moments of difficulty, he nails it with the Stunner and gives a new Powerbomb to Gable. And for Canada, it's another day of celebration.

Kevin Owens unleashed

It was good to see Kevin Owens end the match with his signature finisher rather than the Stunner.

- Judgment Day is reunited behind the scenes: Rhea speaks out that they will continue to fill everyone with sticks until they learn their lesson. Starting with Dominik. So they expect Edge to play his farewell match today, given how badly Damian Priest will do him.

- Single Match: Aliyah vs Bayley. Good start from Aliyah, with the result that Bayley immediately seems to get nervous. Could this match also turn out to be a surprise? No. Almost immediately the Horsewoman gets the upper hand with the ugly ones, repels the opponent's attempts at resistance and connects the Rose Plant: 1, 2, 3, and everyone at home.

- Alpha Academy's Open Challenge: Chad Gable is bad, we are in Canada, and therefore the insults to Canada start. He says he's looking for new students around here, but he's already regretted that only former hockey players who are obsessed with Tim Horton's donuts show up.

Yes, guys. These are the same running gags as Barney against Robin in 'How I Met Your Mother' Over ten years old. Single Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Bálor (w / Rhea Ripley) Obviously with these two in the ring one can only expect a great show.

Except that being bad limits Finn and being good makes Dolph an oxygenated version of those crazy bouncing balls you get on the waterfront for 50 cents and a trivial but very complicated lever. In short, after a promising start Zig undergoes the initiative of his rival, going into difficulty and overselling as only he can, a throw on the perfect turnbuckle to send advertising.