Raw: Trish Stratus electrified the WWE Universe

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Raw: Trish Stratus electrified the WWE Universe

Tag Team Match: Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles vs The Miz & Ciampa Miz and Ciampa immediately make it clear that the air is blowing, presenting themselves in the ring with the same clothing and with a card around their neck with their photo.

Yes, they are mimicking Logan Paul and his nowhere to be found Pokémon card. Then there is a fight, and the early stages see mostly a Lashley domination. Unbelievable but true, after the tag the weak man of the quartet seems to be AJ Styles, but it is quite clear that everything serves to make the national Bobbone seem even stronger.

When Styles then resists pinching after The Miz's Basement DDT (!), He connects the Pele Kick and finally manages to get Lashley legal again. Everything seems ready for the finale ... SPEAR DIRECT TO CIAMPA, BUT THE MIZ SAVES HIM!

The late Tommaso then gives him a DDT, but ... SPEAR !!!!! Here we are? Do the good guys win? No. SOMEONE PASSES THE BARRIERS AND ATTACKS AJ STYLES! Security intervenes, even late, but we do not understand who the attacker is. At the same time, however, someone else arrives from the other side: it is Dexter Lumis himself.

What an incredible coincidence to be here, huh! Lumis, however, does not aim at Styles: in fact, he grabs The Miz by the neck, drags him with him in the audience AND TAKES HIM AWAY !!!!! Ciampa cares so much about him appearing that he does not try to chase him, but despite the match is already over for No Contest he tries to face AJ and Lashley alone.

And he knocks them down. Trish Stratus came out on WWE RAW and was soon interrupted by Bayley and her group.

Raw: Trish Stratus came out on WWE RAW

Trish Stratus gave the fans a show. - JOHNNY GARGANO PRESENTS ON THE RING !!!!!

JOHNNY GARGANO IS BACK IN WWE !!! He reminds everyone that it had been nine months since he last stepped into a WWE ring, and since what happens at NXT is presented on Raw and SmackDown as if we were talking about Narnia, he decides to explain to the people of Toronto who he is and who he is.

results he achieved in the yellow and black show at the time. So he lists his childhood dreams, which he now aims to fulfill: becoming Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, WWE Champion, and performing at WrestleMania.

And now having a little girl, he wants to teach her that if there are dreams you have to do everything to make them come true ... BUT THEORY ARRIVES THAT INTERRUPTS HIM! Mister Money in the Bank laughs at him, reminding him that he has fulfilled part of his dreams in those nine months of absence.

But his help was crucial at NXT, so now he offers to be his bag carrier. That would be a good idea, certainly better than just leaving. Answer from Gargano? Superkick on the snout. Obvious.