William Regal's son made his WWE debut

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William Regal's son made his WWE debut

With the already announced closure of NXT UK, many stars of the British brand will officially switch to NXT 2.0. Others, sadly, have already been fired but could be reinstated when WWE launches NXT Europe in 2023. In last night's episode Charlie Dempsey, the ring name of Bailey Matthews, the son of William Regal (Darren Matthews), made his screen debut.

The young wrestler was the protagonist of a segment with the students of Chase U, led by Andrew Chase. Dempsey had been cast as a trainer, but his very hard training methods did not appeal to the poor students. The wrestler could not help but walk away, considering them too soft to be in the ring, and invited them to Google the name Billy Robinson (British wrestling legend).

In the presentation video, Charlie showed facial expressions and movements very similar to those of his father.

William Regal's son debuted on NXT

Charlie Dempsey fought in PROGRESS and NXT UK, making his father proud, who has been in All Elite Wrestling for months now.

We'll see how he gets along at NXT 2.0 and if, sooner or later, he'll also land on the WWE main roster. The invasion of NXT UK, which began during NXT Heatwave and continued last night, will culminate with Worlds Collide, an event scheduled for Sunday 4th September (the same day as All Out).

It has already been two major unification matches: Bron Breakker vs Tyler Bate, NXT Championship vs NXT UK Championship, and a triple threat match between Mandy Rose, current NXT Women's Champion, Meiko Satomura, NXT UK Women's Champion, and Blair Davenport.

The titles of the British brand will therefore be definitively set aside pending NXT Europe. There were many who felt the air of change, but few were prepared for how drastic they would be. As for layoffs, some stars didn't want to move to the US, while others thought there wasn't enough monetary gain in their WWE journey.

William Regal reflected upon this time in his career on the latest episode of the Gentlemen Villain podcast. "I was taking this to a completely different realm of where I wanted to go with being a dark character," William Regal said.

"And I really hadn’t figured out how far yet, and then this thing came along [with] the King of the Ring, but I was acting this sort of very deep, dark character. And at the time, I was studying a lot of the world’s dictators and I was bringing that, the last few weeks and I was doing that stuff, the King of the Ring stuff, I was sitting at home and I’m not, again, paying attention to my family as much. Because I’m thinking too much of this job."