The WWE Draft could be skipped this year

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The WWE Draft could be skipped this year

According to what our American colleagues from Fightful Select reported, just a few weeks ago, the Draft that WWE carries out every year to mix the cards up a bit by moving wrestlers from one brand to another or not, should have gone staged immediately after Clash at the Castle and then in September.

The site had made it known that many Raw Superstars were due to appear in the first episode of SmackDown which follows the special event in Wales, so let's talk about 9 September, very soon. On the other hand, many SmackDown talents should appear instead in the episode of Raw on September 5th and beyond, also in that of the 12th.

All of this would have been written internally by the company, to make sure that the Draft was staged. This led the company's talents to speculate internally that the WWE Draft would be shortly after the Clash At The Castle event.

This has not yet been confirmed to the talents, but there were other things and other details that led them to believe that this would be the case.

When will the WWE Draft take place?

According to what Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful website reported in the last few hours, it does not seem that the Draft can go on stage until next year, with WWE having completely upset its plans for the roster changes of its athletes.

In his latest update, Sapp stated: "Not so fast with the WWE Draft. We have reported several times that the WWE roster featured the Draft shortly after Clash at the Castle. Now, it doesn't seem like this is the idea anymore.

We are told by a source inside WWE that Raw talent is no longer booked for the Smackdown episode following Clash at the Castle. Several Superstars had confirmed that the draft would be staged that week, but apparently, a large number of talent will not be foreseen for those episodes.

Some USA Network sources have confirmed to the talents that the Draft will not be staged in the near future, even speaking of Wrestlemania as the period in which it will happen. However, the WWE has not yet officially announced anything, nor has it given dates to its talents, but for the moment we no longer continue to think internally that it can be held in the coming weeks."

Last year's WWE Draft caused a significant shake-up in the company's landscape. With several big names being cemented as vital fixtures to each brand.