Big E has many plans for the future

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Big E has many plans for the future

Big E's tremendous injury was undoubtedly one of the most shocking events of the first half of the season. During what seemed like a very common episode of SmackDown, the New Day member broke his neck after a poorly performed 'Belly to Belly Suplex' by Ridge Holland.

As a result of that accident, the 36-year-old from Tampa fractured two cervical vertebrae (the famous C6 and C1). Although the rehabilitation is progressing in the best way, it is not certain that Big E will be able to return to the ring.

During his WWE career, he has once held the WWE Championship, once the NXT title, twice the Intercontinental Championship, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship and six times the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. As if that were not enough, he won the 2021 edition of Money in the Bank.

As a guest in the latest edition of 'Out of Character', Big E said that he had tried his hand at various activities during the long stop period.

Backstage news on Big E

“I really enjoyed dedicating myself to dubbing.

I have some interesting projects in the drawer that I cannot disclose yet, but I hope that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in the coming months” - revealed Big E. “I love working with the voice and I hope to make progress in this area too.

When my wrestling career took off and the New Day became very famous, I realized that I love acting, entertaining, making people laugh and bringing my characters to life” - he added. The former WWE Champion also spoke about his state of health: “I am authorized to lead a normal life, but I cannot go into the ring and take hits.

Doctors want to take a look at my neck around March next year and do more scans. The good thing is that I don't have any nerve problems right now. There is no tingling or weakness. I have been back in the gym for a couple of weeks and have not encountered any problems”.

Big E recently took to Twitter to give the WWE Universe an update on his recovery after a neck injury back in March. "Update! My C1 isn’t ossifying (forming bone) quite yet. The current plan is to get more scans at the one-year mark & see how it’s progressing. The great news is I feel tremendous & surgery is off the table."