Sasha Banks is very close to returning to WWE

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Sasha Banks is very close to returning to WWE

Sasha Banks' farewell has never really been digested by her many fans, but the rumors that her return to WWE is imminent are increasing more and more. And Sasha Banks in the last few hours has done nothing to dispel them, indeed.

It all started on May 16, when Sasha Banks, along with her tag team partner, Naomi, left WWE following a creative dispute with Vince McMahon that ultimately led to the duo being suspended and deprived of WWE Women's.

Tag Team Championship. Although it is not yet completely clear whether the Boss's relationship with the company is still strained after the retirement of the historic Chairman, nothing has prevented the multi-champion from Boston from recalling some great achievements of the past achieved in WWE.

And this, inevitably, added further fuel to the rumors of her imminent return. The occasion was the seventh anniversary of the first NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, which Sasha Banks recalled by posting a selection of images on her personal Instagram profile.

The photos in question are from her NXT Women's Championship bout with Bayley, which took place that night. Captioning the post, Banks wrote: "The clearest proof of my evolution. Happy anniversary for the greatest emotion."

The latest news on Sasha Banks

Bayley actually defeated Sasha Banks that night to win the title, writing the best and most important page of their feud on the yellow and black show. After the bout, Sasha Banks celebrated with Bayley in the ring alongside Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

The contest would also be voted "Match of the Year" at that year's NXT Year-End Awards. Sasha Banks and Bayley met again one-on-one at NXT: TakeOver Respect nearly two months later, in the first historic 30-minute Iron Woman Match valid for the NXT Women's Championship.

Bayley would be the winner once again, while on that same date the Boss left the show, moving to the main roster along with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. After leaving NXT, Sasha Banks has won the Raw Women's Championship five times and the SmackDown Women's Championship once, as well as becoming one of WWE's best-known and best-loved Superstars.

Dave Meltzer seemingly confirmed that they have signed a deal to make Sasha Banks' return, which could be anytime soon. "They may have already signed by now, but a week ago, [I was told] they’re back. It could be tomorrow, it could be in a couple of weeks.

It’s whatever day they want. They are probably pacing things. You don’t want to show all your cards in week 1 [after Triple H taking over]."