Mojo Rawley on his relationship with Triple H

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Mojo Rawley on his relationship with Triple H

Triple H became the main person in WWE after the departure of Vince McMahon from the company. He is now WWE's Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations. Those who had the opportunity to work with Triple H before had only words of praise for him.

One of them is Mojo Rawley. Mojo was a part of NXT. He's still grateful for the opportunity Triple H gave him, but Vince also played a role in his career. "[Triple H] was the one who debuted me back in 'NXT,'" former WWE Superstar Dean Muhtadi said in an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc.

"I'll always be forever grateful to Hunter for giving me that shot in 'NXT' ... In my experience, it was kind of challenging to have one guy to lean on ... You would think if Hunter tells you something, you follow that blindly, but it wasn't always the case if Vince is telling you something else."

Mojo Rawley on WWE

Rawley has been no longer part of the company for a year. He emphasized general chaos within the WWE, and said that things are not good at all. "I'm not there anymore," Mojo Rawley said. "I'm not tied in, I'm not directly affiliated anymore.

I honestly rarely talk to anyone over there anymore like on an administrative level ... So much shakeups, so much change, so many rumors, so many allegations, I mean, it's the wild, wild west over there. I mean we all kind of knew it's a circus over there beforehand."

Nevertheless, the changes that have appeared have caused optimism among many. Triple H should live up to expectations. Finally, Mojo Rawley added, "I know the internet is pretty excited with some of these guys that have been brought back to WWE that were formerly released and some of the changes we're already seeing in creative."