Renee Paqeutte on the new WWE era: Handcuffs have been removed

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Renee Paqeutte on the new WWE era: Handcuffs have been removed

Renee Paquette is happy with the changes that Triple H brought to the company. It seems that Triple H has taken his job seriously and wants WWE to continue to be number 1. Paquette believes that young talents will now have a greater chance to show their full potential.

This is an ideal opportunity for them to give their best because things could be much easier for them. "I feel in terms of the WWE stuff, my takeaway from all that is like how happy I am for how many awesomely talented people that maybe didn't get to be quite as talented as they could be due to limitations and whatnot and now we're going to get really great glimpses into like how awesome some people can really be.

Whether it's Michael Cole doing his sh*t on commentary and being just as good as he actually is, to Killer Kross and Scarlett Boudreaux being brought back into WWE, (and) to Bayley working with IYO SKY and working Dakota Kai.

Ronda Rousey being booked properly, Shayna Baszler being booked properly, oh my God, what a relief."
- Paquette said for "The Sessions," as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

Renee Paquette on Paige

Paquette made an interesting comparison and believes that now wrestlers are free to express everything they can.

"You can feel this new life being breathed into it," Paquette said. "It's a life being breathed into it and its handcuffs have been removed." Paquette also recently spoke about Page and her decision to leave WWE.

"Paige is not only a great performer, (but) she is also one of those athletes capable of bringing different energy than the others. I have always liked her charisma, it is no coincidence that the WWE Universe was crazy about her character" - said Renee Paquette in 'Throwing Down' podcast.

“The news of her goodbye at WWE was a shock to the whole system, but I am thrilled with the idea that she can pursue new projects."