Trish Stratus Speaks About Molly Holly

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Trish Stratus Speaks About Molly Holly

Trish Stratus is one of WWE’s all-time greatest female performers, and she recently spoke about another legendary superstar, Molly Holly. The two have fought each other in the past. Trish was well-known for her absolutely unique fighting style and ability to carry a match.

Her feud with Mickie James was legendary and made several headlines. Trish started her professional wrestling career in 2000. She left the company in 2006. During her run, she managed to humiliate Molly Holly during a segment.

Trish managed to reveal that Molly used large women’s underwear.

Trish Stratus Speaks About How Molly Holly Helped Her

"We had such great moments, you know? She was so good about the whole 'junk in the trunk' thing.

She was literally – she was game. She'd come into the live event like, 'I've got these granny panties for tonight.' I'm like, I love it, and so we were just trying to make that moment knowing how great it was, and we could just like, 'Let's just go with it.'

If we're going to go there, let's just go with it, you know?" Stratus told "Ring the Belle." According to Trish, it was Molly that helped Trish gain confidence while being in the ring. Trish was just an average wrestlers when she started.

Her promo cutting ability wasn’t anything spectacular when she started either. "We worked together, and she's like, 'You can do this.' She would encourage. She would take the time. We would meet on our off days and go to a ring somewhere.

Yeah, she gave me that time on her own time, and she'd say like, 'Let's try this – no one would expect this from you.' And she would do that for me, and that allowed me to go, 'Okay, yeah.' " Trish is no longer a full-time professional wrestler.

Unlike other female wrestlers, she chose not to join any other professional wrestling promotion after leaving the WWE. She instead focused on spending time with her family, and she concentrated on her health. She has made several appearances since she left the company.

And she even competed in the ring a few times during her return matches. One of the most memorable ones was when she was put in a tag team with John Cena while WWE RAW was being hosted in Canada. Trish Stratus recently made her return to RAW.

She might come out of retirement to fight Bayley. She also appeared in a few live-events, which showed that she is pretty serious about making a return.