Has Dave Bautista been sidelined by WWE for Smackdown 1000 event?


Has Dave Bautista been sidelined by WWE for Smackdown 1000 event?

Dave Bautista isn't experiencing the time of his life these days. The wrestler-turned-actor has had said that he's not keen to be recasted in Guardians of the Galaxy III after scriptwriter James Gunn was fired by producers Disney.

And, if he were the person doing the sidelining on the movie front, he has found himself on its receiving front by the WWE. According to a report published in Wrestling News, Bautista's name is noticeably absent in the upcoming WWE event Smackdown 1000 to be held on 16th October even as his former colleagues including Undertaker feature prominently in the list of stars headlining the event.

What adds to Bautista being overlooked is also the fact that the event will be held in Wahsington's Capitol One Arena of which Bautista is a native and near where he still resides. In a Twitter interaction with a fan, Bautista clarified that he hadn't been invited for Smackdown 1000, but sounded hopeful about being offered one in the days to come.

He shared, "Surprise surprise!! I wasn’t invited! And it’s in my hometown! Guess by now I shouldn’t be shocked anymore. There’s plenty of time for a phone call so hopefully, something will be worked out within the next few weeks." Meanwhile, tickets have been announced for the Smackdown 1000 event.

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