Dakota Kai struggled to stay motivated

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by Simone Brugnoli
Dakota Kai struggled to stay motivated

WWE Superstar Dakota Kai admitted that she had a hard time at NXT where it was hard to stay motivated, all towards the end of her adventure at the yellow and black show. After initially debuting at NXT in 2015, Dakota Kai signed her first full-time WWE contract in late 2016.

She went on to compete in the first Mae Young Classic the following year before trying to establish herself as a regular presence at NXT. For the past five years, however, Dakota Kai has had a series of serious knee injuries.

The girl was the protagonist at NXT, winning the women's couple titles twice together with Raquel Gonzalez. However, Dakota Kai was released from WWE in April 2022 but at Summerslam, she came back by surprise along with Bayley and Iyo Sky in the new stable called Damage Ctrl.

Dakota Kai on her NXT experience

Speaking on a recent episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Dakota Kai talked about the end of her adventure at NXT, revealing that it was not easy to continue staying on the yellow and black show: "I mean, especially towards the end of my adventure in NXT, I had a hard time.

Now I understand how this business works but not before. I know not everyone gets an award from NXT. It was as if I had been for so long that despite everything nothing would ever happen to me. During the last year at NXT, I had done everything and I didn't know what else to do to get to the main roster.

I believed I could change my character and personality. I like the fact that it changes something about me. It was a bit difficult to stay motivated and on track after all of this." After her shocking appearance on SummerSlam, Dakota Kai joined IYO SKY (formerly Io Shirai) in the tournament for women's couples titles.

The two girls have impressed so far and now they will have the chance to challenge Dakota's former tag team partners Raquel Gonzalez and Aliyah in the final. Before Iyo Sky's return to SummerSlam, the girl had thought of a return to Japan but Bayley managed to form the new stable which also includes Dakota Kai as well as the former IO Shirai and Bayley.

Vince Russo has claimed that Dakota Kai isn't a television star: "Let me just talk about Dakota Kai for a second because bro we have Road Dogg on this on Thursday and I was basically trying to tell Road Dogg, 'Bro, listen, I'm a television viewer at home, I'm watching this show, I don't know who these girls are.

They don't look like stars to me, okay?' And Road Dogg, what did he talk about bro? What great workers they are (...) With all due respect, that's not a television star bro, that's not a television star bro."

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