Isiah Kassidy on his dream-match: It seemed unrealistic, but I got the chance

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Isiah Kassidy on his dream-match: It seemed unrealistic, but I got the chance

Matt Hardy is a wrestling legend and a person who helped everyone when he was able. Isiah Kassidy, a member of Private Party, spoke about Hardy, but before that he recalled the fight against The Young Bucks, which was also the first fight for them.

“This was our first time on TV so me and Quen were very nervous. We were just trying to get used to it and getting our feet wet. We were like walking on eggshells because this is a completely brand new stage, especially being on TNT and it’s like a big platform.

The Young Bucks are one of our favorite tag teams. There was so much pressure on us, that date. For us to beat The Young Bucks and then to win over the crowd, because everybody was so hyped after the match, we went to the crowd to celebrate and we were throwing water.

Then when we got to the back, everybody started clapping and stuff like that. Man, it was just such a great, great, great, great night. One of my favorite nights in wrestling, not only in wrestling, in my life period”. - he said for NBC Sports’ Steve Fall, as quoted by

Isiah Kasssidy on the Hardy Boyz

The Hardy brothers are his idols and even as a boy he dreamed of meeting them in the ring.

Isiah Kassidy said they helped him a lot in his wrestling career.“My dream, I don’t know if I ever wanted to make it big time, but I just really wanted to face the Hardy Boyz. That was my goal and my dream. It seemed unrealistic, but I got the chance to face the Hardy Boyz when I was 19 at a promotion in Queens called House of Glory.

That is my favorite tag team. Those are the guys that got me into the business. After that day if I never made it, I would have been completely fine. If I died after that date, my life is made because I got to go into a ring with my childhood heroes, you know what I mean? Everything after that was just like extra.

It was like a bonus. Then TV, extra, that’s cool. Contract, even better. Then years down the line, I get to be mentored up with one of my favorite wrestlers, Matt Hardy, and then we face them again, c’mon bro. God is good.

I feel like Matt Hardy helped us a lot. You may not have seen it on TV or in person, but behind the scenes, he helped us a lot. Even on TV, it translated from when we first started to when Matt Hardy came with us, it’s a big difference.

You can see the difference from when we first started to now because he helped us with a lot of stuff, physically, mentally, how to go into matches, how to prepare for matches, all that good stuff. I feel like Matt Hardy personally helped us tremendously”.