Gunther Speaks About Working with Vince McMahon


Gunther Speaks About Working with Vince McMahon

Gunther is a WWE Smackdown superstar, and he recently spoke about working with former WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Gunther was known as WALTER a while back. Gunther was sent to the WWE Smackdown roster by Vince McMahon. Shortly after Gunther started performing for the brand, Vince McMahon retired.

Vince retired after an investigation was launched against Vince McMahon. He allegedly paid a lot of hush money to former female employees. Gunther is the current Intercontinental Champion. He revealed that he was “kind of glad” that he got a chance to work under Vince.

Gunther Speaks About Working for Vince McMahon for A Short While

"I am actually glad I got the chance to work with Vince a little bit since my time there and the few interactions we had, there weren't that many," Gunther told "101 WRIF." "I still made that experience a little bit, obviously everybody was surprised about that, whatever company if somebody else is in charge things gonna be done a little different, that's normal, everybody has his own approach.

But I've gotta be honest I haven't felt stressed or anything like that before, I always kind of focused on myself and ... that's not gonna change." Gunther went on to praise Triple H as he has been gaining power backstage.

Even though many people predicted that the WWE will make radical changes, that hasn’t been the case. Many people believe that the WWE is still the same under Triple H, but Triple H has brought in some fresh faces. Other than that, nothing noteworthy has happened.

There were rumors that suggested WWE was going to be TV-14 moving forwards. However, that did not happen. "Professional wrestlers at the end is a sports entertainer ... it's not a competitive sport. You can say it one or the other way, I always refer to myself as a professional wrestler, even in WWE, where the entertainment aspect is way higher let's say than compared to other places," Gunther said.

"When the bells rings it's wrestling what we do, that will never change, and that's what it is. But there has not been a memo or something like that where it's like, 'Hey guys, you can call yourself wrestlers again,' or something."

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