Tyson Fury’s Possible WWE Return Updates

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Tyson Fury’s Possible WWE Return Updates

Tyson Fury is the former Lineal Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the world, and here are some updates about a possible Tyson Fury WWE return. Tyson Fury is regarded as one of the best modern heavyweight boxers. He fought some of the best boxers of the modern era.

He was the person who managed to beat former Lineal Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko. Wladimir had a very long reign as Heavyweight Champion before he lost to Tyson. The last time Tyson was inside a WWE ring was in November 2019.

He fought Braun Strowman that year at the WWE Crown Jewel event. After Tyson won the match, he appeared on the next episode of WWE Smackdown. With Braun, Tyson took out the B Team. B Team came out to confront him.

Tyson Fury Might Return at WWE Clash of The Castle

According to Give Me Sport, Tyson will be in Cardiff, Wales this weekend for the WrestleFest and WWE’s Clash at The Castle Event.

This will be WWE’s first stadium show in the United Kingdom since 1992’s WWE SummerSlam. Fury has stated that he is open to appearing inside a WWE ring again as he retired from professional wrestling on the 12th of August, 2022.

According to rumors, he will fight Drew Mcintyre as they have been going back on forth on social media. However, Tyson will probably not get physical at any event anytime soon and may just be part of the crowd as many celebrities often are at WWE events.

Tyson has won the World Heavyweight title a total of two times during his career. Tyson trained to compete at the 2019 Crown Jewel event after he couldn’t fight inside a boxing ring for a while due to a cut. He won by a count-out victory against Strowman that night.

He has since then been rumored to return and has been used as a celebrity name. Tyson Fury is one of the most famous celebrities in the UK right now, even though he is retired. He stated that he would still be open to taking part in show fights, which will not affect his professional boxing record.

That is the reason why his appearance at WWE’s Clash of the Castle would definitely impact the event in a positive way. Tyson’s last fight took place at the Wembley Stadium. The Stadium sold out for that fight of his.

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