AEW star Kenny Omega on his comeback: It's still a lot like riding a bike

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AEW star Kenny Omega on his comeback: It's still a lot like riding a bike

Aew star Kenny Omega is back to what he loves most. Fans are thrilled with Omega's return to AEW TV. Omega feels good after everything, although it seems to him that everything is new. “Pretty good. It’s still a lot like riding a bike.

Getting back in the ring, it wasn’t too long until I felt comfortable again. It was a very unique scenario where I was getting back in the ring for the first time after a long hiatus against three incredibly talented Luchadores.

As you know, every area of the world, every culture, has their own take on wrestling and their own way they go about performing. To come back to a scenario where I’m not really doing conventional professional wrestling in North America, I’m in there with Luchadores and people of a high Lucha influence, it was a challenge.

But it was very cool, very fun. I ended up coming out of it unscathed which is nice. I didn’t bang up anything else or I didn’t get any inkling or feeling that wasn’t ready to be back. As long as no red flags go up for me, I’m just going to keep easing back into things without biting off more than I can chew,”- he said on Busted Open Radio, as quoted by

Kenny Omega on AEW Trios Titles

AEW Trios Titles is a special challenge for Kenny Omega and he said he enjoys it. “It’s a lot of fun. For me, it’s tough to keep doing the same things over and over again, especially when you feel like you’ve plateaued in that particular area.

I could do a certain type of singles all the time and find a certain amount of success with it. Even tags at this point too have become that way as well. So not to say that those don’t excite me. I always look forward to doing what I can to tell a very unique story or something different to bring to the table.

This is something completely different now. It’s a chance to present something that we all know and are familiar with, which is a six-man tag, but to now have a division and a title in that division, it gives it a chance to become its own thing.

We wanted to take this chance to really develop a division that will visually look something very different than a singles match or tag match, not just because of the bodies involved, but the possibilities and interactions available.

That part excited me and I hope that by the way that we perform these things that it will open up scenes and moments and scenarios that you couldn’t have created or dreamt up without the amount of bodies that Trios allows for”.

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