Seth Rollins furious over canceled match: It's disrespectful

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Seth Rollins furious over canceled match: It's disrespectful

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins were supposed to have a match for the SummerSlam card, however, WWE decided to change the story and emphasize that Riddle was injured after Rollinson's attack on RAW. WWE wanted the match to take place at the Clash at the Castle event.

In a conversation with Ariel Helwani, Rollins reacted to such changes; “Okay, we could use a few more weeks to build this story as it was, but yeah, they chose to ax our match and make sure all the other matches were maximized with time and story and all that.

Totally understood that and respected that. I was a little upset that we advertised the match and not given it to them. At the level I have been performing for the last year, I felt like a bit of a slap in the face as a performer that I wasn’t able to be on what is essentially the second biggest show of the year for us,”- he said, as quoted by

Seth Rollins' reaction

Rollins thinks that WWE showed him disrespect with such a move and that it is not a good thing.

“Of course. I think anybody in my position who takes pride in what they do would think there’s gotta be a little bit of disrespect felt there. Did I go about it the right way? Maybe, maybe not…The tweet”.

He is especially sorry for the fans who were waiting for such a match and then WWE could not offer them a spectacle. “I feel bad for people who wanted to see the match who had paid money to maybe to see that match, specifically that we had been building towards a few weeks and had been advertising it for a week or two.

I felt the need to control my own narrative, so to speak, in that regard”. Seth Rollins is an interesting wrestler and a person that many fans love. New challenges in his career will await him and only the best is ahead of him. With his effort and work, he reached the goal.