Wade Barrett on the transition from wrestler to commentator

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Wade Barrett on the transition from wrestler to commentator

In an interview on Busted Open Radio, Wade Barrett talked about the transition from the world of wrestling to something completely new; the job of a commentator. Barrett had something like this planned for a long time and in the end he realized his wish.

What he was aware of was that he would not have maximum attention. “In terms of my transition from being an in ring guy to being a commentator, I think at the back of my head, I always knew I wanted to do commentary one day.

So that’s probably part of it. I think I always felt it was something I really wanted to gravitate towards as I got older. The most difficult thing probably is accepting that you are no longer the star of the show. As you know from your time in the ring, anytime you were on camera, anytime you got an opportunity, you wanted to pull as much of that spotlight towards you, and hang on to it and direct it in whatever way you can towards Tommy Dreamer, or for me towards Wade Barrett,"- he said as quoted by PWmania.com.

Wade Barrett and his role

He emphasized again what a transition it is, considering that in the wrestler's business you are the main focus of the crowd, while as a commentator you have a completely different role. "You realize now when you’re on the commentary desk, it’s no longer about you.

I’m a backing dancer for whatever talents are in the ring, Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Mandy Rose. It’s never about me anymore. Anytime I’m talking about myself on the show, I’m trying to do it to bring in some experience from my career to explain what’s going on with these younger talents who are coming through now.

So I had to accept that as soon as I decided to move on to the desk. This isn’t about me. I’m no longer the star. So that was a mental transition as much as anything else, and once I accepted that, the whole situation got a lot easier for me," Wade Barrett.