Drew McIntyre on Roman Reigns: "I think he has really found himself in the.."


Drew McIntyre on Roman Reigns: "I think he has really found himself in the.."

Drew McIntyre is a big star of the wrestling scene. In an interview with The Daily Star, he had a comment about Roman Reigns. McIntyre had words of praise for the great Reigns, who is making more and more progress. “He has been on top for 10 years now, and there were times when the crowd wasn’t necessarily with him.

He kept his head down and pushed ahead and did the best job he possibly could. He has always been an incredible athlete, but I think he has really found himself tin he last couple of years and embraced who is. You always get the best character with the volume turned up, and he finally became himself and turned that volume up.

That’s led to this Tribal Chief success that people have really set on and he has already had years of equity [that has] taken him to the next level of superstar that we need more people to reach. I am happy for him but he’s had those titles for 9,000 days now so it’s time for someone else to reach that level!

He has mantlepiece upon mantlepiece of those big moments and it’s time for Drew McIntyre to start collecting some heads, including his”.

Drew McIntyre on the UK Event

The WWE event in the UK caused excitement among the audience, especially in the UK, who believe that it will be an ideal thing.

“This is a moment I couldn’t even have envisioned because the UK stadium show didn’t exist as a thing. We had me shouting about a UK stadium show for years but it still wasn’t a thing, but now it is a thing.

I’d have been happy to be part of the show, but now I’m in the main event, in the Bret and Bulldog position and to see myself all over Cardiff – to understand how big all of this is, is incredible," Drew McIntyre said.

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