Chris Jericho on his 'most embarrassing' moment: I wanted to slap Vince McMahon

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Chris Jericho on his 'most embarrassing' moment: I wanted to slap Vince McMahon

The Superstar Crossover podcast offered an interesting guest. It is Chris Jericho, a man with a great biography and many successes beyond himself. Jericho has been on the wrestling scene for many years, and to this day he still continues to amaze his audience.

In his career, he had many interesting moments, beautiful ones and sad ones. However, there are also those who make Jericho feel embarrassed. One such event took place in Las Vegas. “One time I was working with Cesaro in Las Vegas on a non-televised live event, a House Show if you will,” Jericho said, as quoted by “I was wearing braces.

As I climbed the top rope to make my comeback, my brace got caught in the top rope. I literally fell into the ring”.

Vince McMahon and video

There are many interesting situations in WWE that we will remember well, and you can imagine what Vince McMahon saw and experienced.

It will be full of interesting situations. Meanwhile, in this situation, Vince McMahon decided to show that video to other wrestlers. He considered it a good move. “Well, that’s embarrassing enough as it is, but for some reason, Vince McMahon got a clip of it.

[He] proceeded to show it for the next like four weeks every time everyone’s in the arena going over their stuff before the show. He just thought it’d be great just to show it over and over and over again”.

Chris Jericho was furious with Vince McMahon and visibly frustrated, he had something to say to the head of WWE. “I’m like ‘I’m gonna slap that stupid face of yours for showing this over and over again.’ [He’s like] ‘Ahaha, it’s so funny,'” he said.

“Maybe funny for you, not funny for me, and only 3000 people saw it until you kept playing it repeatedly”.