Chelsea Green: "I feel like the madness of Vince McMahon was really.."

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Chelsea Green: "I feel like the madness of Vince McMahon was really.."

Chelsea Green is a former member of WWE. She showed a lot during the time she spent there. In her interview with the Daily Star, Green talked about many topics, and one of them was training with Soraya. “I’ve actually trained under Saraya numerous times, but I have never had to step in the ring with her.

And it took me a while to agree to this, because she really is like nobody else – she’s a rough fighter that a lot of girls are terrified to get in the ring with. But I feel at this point in my career, it’s time – she’s one of the best in the world and I want to get in the ring with every single person, no matter their fighting style, no matter where they’re from.

And so this was the opportunity to kind of prove to myself and prove to the world that I can hang with women like Saraya. Her British style, with a background of just having to go through some s**t makes it difficult. That’s the difference with a lot of people who say they’re tough, as someone like Saraya, her story is what makes her truly tough”.

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Chelsea Green vs Page

A match against Paige is waiting for her soon, and the pressure is huge. "A whole country is coming together to see Paige, and I’m going to be there and I’m going to be wrestling her mum and that’s a lot to put on myself.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, but it’s about time that I put some pressure on myself”. Of course, the inevitable topic was about her cooperation with Vince McMahon. “I had amazing experiences with him, and he took all my ideas, and I debuted the next week, so I feel like the madness of Vince McMahon was really, really interesting and cool and positive for me to to witness.

Him no longer being involved in the business is crazy. It’s kind of like Hugh Hefner dying. Is Playboy still Playboy without Hugh Hefner?” said Chelsea Green.