Bully Ray: Tony Khan must act differently

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Bully Ray: Tony Khan must act differently

Bully Ray talked about many topics in an interview with Busted Open Radio. Ray is an interesting interlocutor, and he gave his opinion on Tony Khan and how the main man of AEW should act regarding 'naughty' wrestlers “If things get that bad, you pull the individuals into the room, and you remind them, I’m the boss.

I hired you. You do what I ask. I need you guys to either play nice, shake hands, never say a word about each other again unless you clear it with me, stop going into business for yourself, this is where the onus is on the boss.

This is top of the food chain type stuff. In wrestling, you can’t let, yes, the wrestlers can police each other, the boys can police the boys, but you can’t just let them rampant and do or say anything they want because it’ll truly turn into the wild, wild, west”.

he said as quoted by pwmania.com

Bully Ray's reaction

Bully Ray witnessed how the owners of big wrestling organizations act in such moments. He said, “I witnessed with my own eyes, Paul Heyman sit down, big, tough men, and tell them, ‘You’re gonna do business this way or (you're) out of here.’ I witnessed Vince do it, or I’ve witnessed the people that Vince has put in charge do it, and the people who are put in charge are very well respected.

Now the people who have been put in charge in AEW, some of the recent hirings that Tony has put into place, former wrestlers that are now in charge of a lot of different aspects of AEW, the people that are involved, like the Hangman Pages and the CM Punks and the Matt and Nick Jacksons, they are all significantly higher up, or more important, than the people that Tony might of put in charge, thus they can’t sit these people down”.