Chavo Guerrero on a potential return to AEW


Chavo Guerrero on a potential return to AEW

Chavo Guerrero is a wrestler that everyone would love to see in the ring again. His charisma and qualities are unquestionable, and in a conversation with The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Guerrero talked about a potential return to AEW.

“Being involved in wrestling is always really cool,” Guerrero said, as quoted by “That all came about where Tony brought me in. It was kind of a daily type thing. I was doing stuff with Andrade. I didn’t know when I was going back to Young Rock Season two.

They called and said, ‘Hey, okay, we have our dates. This is when we’re coming back.’ So I had a talk with Tony and said, ‘Look, I know we’re doing right. We’re doing well here, but do you think you can match what they’re paying? I think it’s probably better for me to go do this.’ He was like, ‘No problem.

No problem. Okay, so let’s write you out of the storyline really quick.’ I had Andrade turn on me and then we’ll have all the plans of me coming back”.

Chavo Guerrero on his return

Chavo Guerrero is a big fan of wrestling and emphasized that he still has a passion for fighting and the ring.

However, he is not the only one who decides about his fate and return. There is hope that Chavo will be part of the wrestling scene again in the near future. He said, “Up until like, two or three weeks of me coming back, I mean, leaving Young Rock, we were still talking on the phone, and then, like Tony does, he went silent.

So when he went silent, I was like, ‘Okay, what’s going on?’ I was going to come back and pick up right where we left off and it just didn’t happen. So back to your question. You know, if it can work out with my shooting schedule, then absolutely. I love being involved in wrestling. It’s still my passion”.

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