This WWE legend didn't think The Rock was made of sterner stuff!


This WWE legend didn't think The Rock was made of sterner stuff!

The Rock is unanimously recognized as one of the most iconic wrestlers ever. Johnson won 19 titles during his career, including ten world titles. He has also won the Intercontinental title and the WWF Tag Team Championship, as well as being able to carry the Triple Crown.

As if that weren't enough, he prevailed in the 2000 edition of the Royal Rumble match and participated in the WrestleMania main event on five occasions. Starting in the 2000s, Dwayne successfully embarked on a film career, quickly becoming one of Hollywood's highest paid actors.

According to insiders, The Rock will face off against its cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 (to be held a stone's throw from Hollywood). In a lengthy interview with Sportskeeda, WWE legend Steve Lombardi (aka The Brooklyn Brawler) admitted that he underestimated The Rock when he first set foot in WWE.

The former WWE Champion played his first televised match at the 1996 Survivor Series.

The Rock changed wrestling

“When I saw The Rock for the first time, it didn't make a big impression on me” - said Lombardi.

“He came from the Canadian Football League and looked no different to me from so many other athletes I had seen in the past. I thought he was going to be a flash in the pan and that he would have no future in WWE. I also told him, but he was very good at proving that I was very wrong,”- he added.

Within his podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette commented on the likely return of The Rock in 2023: "In the event that a dream match is organized between The Rock and Roman Reigns, it is already practically certain that not there would be titles up for grabs.

Roman would do well to win such a prestigious match, but at the same time, I doubt The Rock would agree to lose his last match. What will WWE decide to do? It won't be easy to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together”.

The Rock