The theme returns: How John Cena inspired R-Truth

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The theme returns: How John Cena inspired R-Truth

The fact that John Cena is his "childhood hero" and the reason that led him to throw himself into the world of wrestling represents one of the many running gags of R-Truth's career, as in reality, the 24/7 Champion for antonomasia is five years older than the Boston athlete.

And now he wanted to tell how the first meeting with the one who was already a WWE star took place. A story that inevitably drew the laughter of those who listened to it.

As the most attentive fans will know, R-Truth fought in WWF already between 2000 and 2001 as K-Kwik, and then moved to TNA between 2002 and 2007 obtaining great successes but "missing" the great explosion of John Cena.

His return is dated 2008, and only then did the "big" meeting between the two take place. Not without some minor problems.

R-Truth (pardon the pun) told the whole truth to Smoothvega while attending "Nothing Beats Experience" on Premier Live TV.

The first meeting with John Cena took place in fact in a WWE locker room in the fateful 2008, but the two had quickly crossed paths already sometime before at the airport. At that time, however, R-Truth was in TNA, and a short time before he had released a song in which he allowed himself a "diss" against John Cena himself and the entire WWE.

R-Truth Meets John Cena: All WWE Locker Room Live

We then come to 2008, the year in which R-Truth returned to WWE and the general belief of colleagues was that there could be some problem.

"When I signed a new contract, John Cena was the big shot of WWE. Well, everyone was waiting for us to come face to face - revealed R-Truth -. They were all there looking forward to seeing if we would be there. bumped into each other.

They were out of their minds."

"Poor Umaga, rest in peace, was the person who convinced me to come back," added R-Truth. "Well, he was in that locker room too when I got back to WWE. I walked in and everyone was shivering.

They were just sitting there. watching, waiting for something to happen. The fact is that John Cena was there, but he was in the bathroom, and I didn't know. Then he finally came in, came to me and asked me very directly if I would create him.

problems. But I immediately assured him no, because by now we were in the same boat."

Are you all right then? Not entirely. R-Truth has in fact added that the fact that that climate of tension had dissolved so quickly and painlessly disappointed someone.

"So what? That's all? Eh come on guys, what the f ***!"; in fact commented some of the wrestlers present. Who, according to R-Truth, were looking forward to being in the middle of a full-blown brawl.