Claudio Castagnoli on Tyson Kidd: People probably never saw his full potential

“Oh, man, he’s amazing. He is so good"- Claudio said

by Sead Dedovic
Claudio Castagnoli on Tyson Kidd: People probably never saw his full potential

Claudio Castagnoli had the opportunity to collaborate with many wrestlers. Everyone had a specific character and something that makes them different. However, one man remained in his memory, and that is Tyson Kidd. Tyson and Claudio were a tag team, and what is impressive is that they even won the WWE Tag Team Championship in 2015.

Castagnoli spoke about Kidd and had only words of praise for him. Kidd is now a producer in WWE, and it's a role he's equally good at.
“Oh, man, he’s amazing. He is so good. Unfortunately, people probably never saw his full potential.

But I’m very happy that he’s using his genius now to help other people, and help make wrestling a better place for everybody,” said Claudio in the “The Kurt Angle Show", as quoted by

Castagnoli on Kidd; He is just such a student of the game

Castagnoli and Kidd made a great collaboration.

The chemistry was felt at the start and there were no problems. It is especially impressive that Kidd remembers many details that everyone forgets. “It was so fun teaming with him because it was one of those that we were on the same page from the second we stepped out of the curtain, even though we barely talked beforehand, and then we traveled together.

We worked out together. We shared hotel rooms and locker rooms and everything. It just clicked and we are still really good friends. He is just such a student of the game. Yeah, he watches everything and he has a memory like nobody else he remembers stats, he remembers matches, moves, sequences, everything.

It’s an absolute blast. It was an absolute blast being in the ring with him because it just clicked, we had to talk very little. If there was a thing that we were, we were always on the same page”. Kidd continued with what he loves the most, and he is doing well at that too.

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