Jimmy Korderas angry because MJF referenced WWE

“I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but you don’t want to repeat the mistakes"

by Sead Dedovic
Jimmy Korderas angry because MJF referenced WWE

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas commented on MJF's promo. Korderas is not satisfied with certain things he has seen. What bothers him the most is that they referenced WWE. However, those two companies are currently in power, so don't be surprised by such things.

“I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but you don’t want to repeat the mistakes that others made previously going forward into the future trying to grow your business… Look, a big debate about the promo from MJF on Wednesday night: yes he was fantastic on the mic, and he hit home, but all those references to the other company, and The Game and all that sort of stuff."- he said, as quoted by ewrestlingnews.com

Korderas and other companies

Korderas believes that this only attracts the attention of others.

It draws big time attention to the other company. Especially coming from one of your biggest stars, who that audience knows all the inside ‘behind-the-curtain’ goings on about him, and possibly reaching out to the other side or them reaching out to him, and all this sort of stuff.

Korderas believes that everyone should prioritize themselves. The most important thing for AEW is that they focus on themselves and their progress. Things are going well for them, although there has been chaos lately. AEW did a great thing in a short time, they attracted the attention of fans and people, and now the second most important thing for them is to stay constant..

"Look, ignore the other team, because that was the biggest downfall for this company right here [WCW] when they were in competition with the WWE, they didn’t ignore them, they kept referencing them. Ignore them, stick to your business, and grow your audience that way”. These things only create additional tension between the companies.

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