Confusion among fans for the PWI 500 ranking


Confusion among fans for the PWI 500 ranking

In the past few hours, the ranking relating to the PWI 500 has come out. Pro Wrestling Illustrated is in fact the best known and most important wrestling magazine within the entire panorama. Active since 1979, this historic monthly (now bimonthly) has been staged since 1979 and for thirty-two years with a particular ranking that includes the 500 most important male wrestlers of the year.

Obviously we would like to specify that the rankings in question have a mark value, for which the results of each fighter, victories, defeats, draws, belts conquered are evaluated and obviously each federation generates a certain level of importance of a result.

For this reason it is legitimate to clarify that a pro wrestler under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment will certainly have results with more relevant effects than a colleague under contract with any indie or development territory.

The same goes for the belts where, currently, the titles of National Wrestling Alliance, WWE, All Elite Wrestling, ROH, AAA, CMLL, IWGP, AJPW, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Stardom, MLW have a "World" value. , Impact Wrestling, IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship and Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship.

To win the final victory of the ranking, after the second place last year and repeating this milestone after the previous one in 2016, is "The Tribal Chief", "The Head of the Table", leader of the Bloodline and current holder of the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, Roman Reigns.

An extraordinary year for Roman, able to unify the belts at WrestleMania 38 and to be able to defeat every opponent including the various Goldbergs and Brock Lesnar (the latter twice between WM and SummerSlam). After this long introduction, it is necessary to underline how much this type of ranking generates a stir or at least colorful discussions within the wrestling web and among the most faithful readers of the magazine.

The PWI 500 ranking confused everyone

In the past few hours, however, the well-known site PWInsider has been exchanged by several people as the source capable of creating this ranking (also for the very similar initials, precisely PWI in both cases), thus suffering compliments / criticisms without actually having any any type of credit.

The source was keen to make the circumstance clear by posting a tweet by its director, Mike Johnson, warning readers to comment or attempt to interact directly with the Pro Wrestling Illustrated account (on Twitter ed), being in fact the real makers of the whole.

Below you can read the words of the well-known journalist, who is keen to warn everyone about going "cautious" with comments and exchanges of opinion on the ranking. You can find these and other curiosities every day on our World Wrestling site where we take care of the world of professional wrestling at 360 °.