WWE confirms Edge's injury

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WWE confirms Edge's injury

As you all have come to know by now, the WWE Hall of Famer Edge has a very special contract with the company, a bit like that of Brock Lesnar, which makes him in effect a so-called part-timer. Part-timers, are those athletes who do not follow the WWE annual calendar entirely, but are called only on big occasions, such as the company's Big Four (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series) or some other annual ppv important, with several weekly TV tapings appearances to create hype about their ppv matches.

After the attack of Raw by Judgment Day, as reported by Dave Meltzer, to the microphones of the usual Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it therefore seemed that the Rated R Superstar could return to be absent for a few weeks (if not months), with the WWE which has therefore justified this absence with the attack complete with a stable heel chair.

In his update, Meltzer had indeed stated: "The thing with Edge is, since he's on a limited contract and can't be there on a weekly basis, we think this is another injury angle, so it keeps him out of the picture." In the last few hours, confirmations have arrived from the WWE on the situation, with Edge that will really stay out of the scene for a few weeks.

Backstage news on Edge

In the latest episode of WWE The Bump, the company wanted to confirm the injury of its Hall of Famer, obviously in a storyline key, with Edge who will stay out of the scene with a leg problem due to the attack of Judgment Day on Monday Night Raw.

According to the protagonists who attended the secondary show of the company, Edge would have had a second degree strain of the medial collateral ligament of the leg attacked by his former stable on the red show. Obviously, no recovery times were given for the athlete, as the injury was orchestrated by the management to keep the wrestler out of the scene.

WCW legend Konnan recently expressed his thoughts about Edge's WWE future. "I don't think he [Edge] will retire, I think he still looks good, he still has a lot to offer and he's getting paid a lot of money to work very few dates.

He's on a real sweet deal, and I think after a year if he's still hot, he'll do another one, because he can still go, that's what I think. Who knows maybe he's like, you know, "I can do only one more year and I'm out," but he's being paid very well," said Konnan.