Many people don't believe Vince McMahon's farewell

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Many people don't believe Vince McMahon's farewell

Vince McMahon announced his resounding retirement last July, sparking a myriad of reactions in every corner of the world. The heavy accusations that have come down on him in recent times have certainly affected his decision to come forward.

It is no coincidence that his right-hand man John Laurinaitis, a prominent figure and former head of talent relations, was also dismissed. Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team.

The 14-time world champion, who retired from wrestling wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38, wasted no time and immediately gave his creative touch to the shows. In addition to transferring some of NXT's talents to the main roster, The Game has fostered the return to the company of several stars who had been released.

In the latest edition of the 'Two Men Power Trip of Wrestling' podcast, well-known ring announcer Tony Chimel admitted that he did not fully believe in Vince's retirement.

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“I can't see Vince McMahon on a Florida beach doing nothing.

He may have really retired, but I struggle to think that he no longer has any contact with WWE. The company would never have become as we know it today without his brilliant intuition. Does he really have nothing to do with the company anymore? Doesn't he talk business with Stephanie, Shane and Hunter? It seems very strange to me” - said Chimel.

“Wrestling is his world, it's his whole life. I cannot think that he abandoned his creature overnight. I find it hard to believe that he no longer has a say in the matter” - he added. Former WWE writer Vince Russo echoed him: “I'll never believe Vince's farewell.

The reason why I am so firmly convinced of what I say is that I have worked closely with that man for years. I know that he has nothing else in life besides wrestling." Dutch Mantell believes Nick Khan might have played a significant role in Vince McMahon's retirement decision.

"Well, I think that Nick Khan was inserted into the company, and I said this a long time ago. I think he was inserted there to get Vince out," said Dutch Mantell. "Now, somehow, all these NDAs leaked from Titan Towers to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, how did they get leaked? They had to leak from the inside, and I'm not accusing anybody; I want to make that clear. But how did they leak it out from Stamford?"