Bianca Belair has a very ambitious project

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Bianca Belair has a very ambitious project

After taking her first Wrestlemania win against Sasha Banks and also winning the SmackDown women's title a year later at WrestleMania 38, Bianca Belair also defeated Becky Lynch to take the RAW women's title while maintaining her series.

of wins at WrestleMania. In the last period, the WWE EST has maintained a very high score of victories, becoming one of the most important female Superstars of the entire roster of the federation, also appearing in multiple posters and in multiple advertisements of the federation, as one of the leading faces of the company, surpassing several illustrious colleagues in the WWE registers of gold.

Currently, the girl still holds the role of female champion of Monday Night Raw, with her Smackdown counterpart that is Liv Morgan, fresh from the Money in the Bank victory and also fresh winner of the title that previously belonged to Ronda Rousey, defeated right in the ppv after his match against Natalya, thanks to the collection of the briefcase.

Bianca Belair is a true champion

In her latest interview on Inside The Ropes, with Kenny McIntosh, the champion of the red show answered several questions, including one that concerned a possible stable that Bianca could carry out with some colleagues.

Regarding this topic, Bianca Belair commented: "If I could put together a stable with the women's division we have now ... Well it's difficult because we have so many amazing women, but I think I'd build the strongest stable: me, Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez.

Who could pull it down?" According to the champion of Monday Night Raw, therefore, betting everything on the devastating physique and power of her colleagues would be the winning choice, although we have seen in the past how many fast and small athletes have succeeded in great deeds even against giants, like Rey Mysterio against Big Show or many other underdogs that have made many fans take back the words.

Bianca Belair recently revealed in an interview that Olympian Simone Biles inspired her. "Simone Biles is so inspiring on what she did, especially at such a big stage. She allowed herself to be vulnerable and put her mental health before her physical abilities and that speaks volumes, as well the team and the coaches that she had, the fact that they were able to support her and they went out there to support her and they still won the medal.

The message is that athletes are humans and it is so hard mentally and we have to look at her and admire her for what she did because there are times that as athletes we felt that something was not going well but we kept on pushing and it’s ok to put your mental health first."