Road Dogg takes a shot at CM Punk

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Road Dogg takes a shot at CM Punk

During the latest "Oh You Didt Know" podcast, Road Dogg talked about CM Punk and his WWE behavior.

Road Dogg slams CM Punk

On CM Punk's behavior in WWE, Road Dogg said: "He's not a good person. He's not at all. If you've been friends with someone for so long, it may be that all of a sudden you don't like him and you just can't talk anymore.

me, it all started when we actually had to work with him in 2014. It was hard to do it with him. See the attitude he had towards me and Billy. Sure, we weren't Hall of Famers at the time, but we were well on our way to it, and we were the New Age Outlaws.

At least we were there for more years than him, and he showed us no respect. He showed all his disrespect towards me. You don't get a second chance for that, I'm showing you respect and why doesn't he reciprocate me? The truth is respect is mutual, if you don't give it, you don't get it, definitely not from me.

He had a chance with me and Billy. If I didn't get it. a job there or if you had just been hired, I probably would have beaten him." Road Dogg's criticism during podcast about him runs counter to what others have said about him.

Becky Bayless, for example, spoke highly of Best In The World: "The CM Punk I know saves the puppies and defends the rights of women. But this one doesn't sell newsletter subscriptions or get website hits, so it doesn't matter.

He can talk. Please do something else." Former AEW champion CM Punk is also stopped after undergoing surgery for a serious triceps injury. The former WWE Superstar would also have been suspended from the company, after the brawl that arose inside the AEW backstage.

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell believes AEW should fire CM Punk and The Elite after their backstage altercation following All Out. "If this were to happen in a regular company they'd all have been fired. They have to be fired.

But now wrestling is different than a regular company you need these people they have more TV time than anybody else and all of a sudden you're going to fire them for them not being able to control themselves? I would go farther than firing them, I mean if I'm going to not to say fire 'em but if I'm going to suspend them, I'm going to suspend them and fine them about 20 grand because wrestlers respond to money, that's the only thing they respond to."