WWE suspended Velveteen Dream for drug use?

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WWE suspended Velveteen Dream for drug use?

Among the many talents released in the last two years from WWE to NXT, in the last waves space has also opened up for the former North-American Champion of NXT, Velveteen Dream, who had ended up in a decidedly very delicate scandal in recent months career with WWE, which had cast a bad light on him.

The boy had in fact been accused by a minor of having sent her inappropriate photos, with the WWE wrestler who had always pleaded innocent, from day one. After these terrible accusations, a delicate moment had arrived for Velveteen Dream when he suffered a serious car accident on his way to work, in which he was fortunately unharmed.

After months of being literally ousted from the Stamford company's plans, Velveteen Dream was eventually fired from WWE, with the company preferring to distance themselves from the athlete, especially due to the situation he had run into.

Since his departure, many things have been said about Velveteen Dream, even by colleagues, with an arrest that arrived only a few days ago, which seems to confirm some of the words that were initially thought to be only inferences.

Update on Velveteen Dream's status

After being arrested for drug possession in the United States, new allegations come against the former NXT secondary champion, with a well-known overseas journalist alleging that the wrestler would habitually use banned substances while still under.

contract with the McMahons. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp, of the Fightful site, in fact: "Well, Velveteen Dream would have admitted that he and a bunch of other NXT wrestlers were doing cocaine on the roster and they reported to me how he was even suspended once for a short while for it." The problems with drugs, apparently, had therefore been going on for some time, before the arrest a few days ago, with the former North American champion boy who now would need help to get out of these addictions, if he really wants to.

become an important name in the pro-wrestling world again. Former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark Jr.) has responded to claims by EC3 that he was filming men in the bathroom at a party. "EC3 has gone to the dirt sheets saying that, if you haven't seen it, he had a party at his house one night, and if I'm to be correct, this was about 2017-2018, EC3? I'm not going to tell people who was at this party out of respect for our mutual friends."