Claudio Castagnoli pays tribute to John Cena

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Claudio Castagnoli pays tribute to John Cena

ROH champion Claudio Castagnoli, known in WWE as Cesaro, talked about his relationship with John Cena and his feelings about working with someone like him. During the last "The Kurt Angle Show" of the Hall OF Famer WWE, Castagnoli also spoke about Tyson Kidd.

Claudio Castagnoli opens up on John Cena

On John Cena, Claudio Castagnoli said: "I have nothing but positive things to say about him. John Cena is a great person and has a very high standard for himself. He's one of those people who doesn't just say how you should do it or how he should.

be done one thing. He shows it to you. If he tells you to watch all the matches, he is the first to watch all the matches. If he tells you that you should train, he is the first to get up early in the morning to train." The former WWE duo champion also talked about the match between him and John Cena in an episode of Raw when the leader of the cenation had an open challenge at the time for his US title.

Castagnoli accepted the challenge and on that match revealed: "He was already a legend from that day, but every match he had, he always wanted to go out there and prove it once again. That's what he said: 'You are always as good as the your last meeting ', I was impressed because every time he came out of that curtain he always wanted to test himself with everyone." On his former tag team partner Tyson Kidd: "It's really unfortunate that wrestling fans couldn't see all of his real talent.

It's amazing because he was really good. I'm glad now he's helping other people create a better environment for the wrestling. It was great to team up with him and win the titles. We were in full harmony. We enjoyed traveling together and training.

We shared several moments together, we also shared locker rooms and hotel rooms. Even today we are very friends, and he's really a smart guy who really cares about this world." Now Tyson Kidd works at WWE in a behind-the-scenes role as a producer to help the company's new talent grow.

Recently, WWE Superstar R-Truth has looked back on his first interaction with John Cena upon joining the company. "When I signed back to the company, Cena was the big dog and everybody was waiting for us to meet face-to-face.

Everybody was waiting, knew I signed back. The boys are so crazy, man. Umaga, RIP Umaga, man, he got me to come back and even he was in the locker room."