Elias's return is imminent

Elias hasn't been seen on WWE TV for almost four months

by Simone Brugnoli
Elias's return is imminent

There is no doubt that what is bringing Triple H the most to WWE is change, a change that looks forward but also doesn't refuse to stop, turn around and look at the good things that were there before and worked. This is precisely the case of Elias, who at one point was "dead", with a nice video of a funeral to greet the gimmick of the singer and guitarist, and he was gone leaving room for his younger brother, Ezekiel.

This had driven Kevin Owens crazy for months, trying to make people realize that Ezekiel and Elias were actually the same person, only with slightly different hair and a beard trimmed or not. Obviously it was a somewhat comedy storyline that also entertained us, but it seems that The King Of Kings has decided to permanently cut it from programming.

Backstage news on Elias

According to the well-known site PWInsider, in fact, WWE would have removed Ezekiel from its internal roster and would have re-entered Elias: “Ezekiel is no longer listed internally on the WWE roster, PWInsider.com confirmed.

The character was replaced last week with his original character, Ezekiel's "big brother", Elias. It would appear that, as many of you have suspected, when the time comes, Elias' character will return to the Raw roster while Ezekiel, who has been banned from storylines due to "injuries", will vanish into obscurity." The funny thing is that obviously this storyline went on in interviews too, with Ezekiel once saying, "It's been months since I saw my brother.

I miss the boy. Despite all the problems he liked to cause, he was actually a good brother to me. I miss him, but he's out doing his thing. He'll reappear when the time comes,” and in the end in fact Elias even went back to Raw once, but now it could be a definitive comeback.

Vince Russo recently criticized WWE for their treatment of Elias. "Regardless of all the damage, they have done already, Elias. I said that a year ago, two years ago I said that. Let me tell you something, I've had communication with Elias, you know what Elias' problem is? You wanna know what it is? I'll tell you exactly what it is and why he is getting the treatment he gets.

Elias likes to pitch ideas, and Elias likes to continually pitch ideas. They don't like that which is so absurd... because what happens is you're coming up with better ideas than they are, and now you're exposing them, so I cannot be exposed, your ideas cannot be better than mine. Therefore, we must destroy you."